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Commercial real estate experts – Lease or Buy

We optimize contractual conditions during the negotiation of new or existing contracts.

We save your time and money. We work for you to ensure the best fit in your office, warehouse and retail space.

Open Space Office

Most requested services


Need to cut costs or improve on an existing lease contract?
Are times changing? We have many years of experience in renegotiating contracts and have already saved clients CZK 248 million by simply renegotiating existing contracts.

Need a new space?
We will find a suitable location, optimize the contractual conditions and organize customization of the location to suit your needs, acquire specialized equipment or even manage your relocation.

Not sure how much space you need, or want to customize the interior?
With our experience we can help you determine how much space you actually need. This is especially helpful with the recent trend towards (partial) remote work, as well as modern trends in workplace design and layout. We can help you with subletting, optimization of your leased space or expansion of your overall footprint.



Spacious Hall

We help cut costs, and stress 



Whether dealing with the extension of an existing lease or a move to a new location - you need people who are top analysts, brilliant negotiators, and talented designers.
We are these people. Focus on your business! Leave all the stress of negotiation, and the move itself, to us. 



Industrial Building

Our company has been

7 years


on the commercial real estate market

We helped lease


128,000 m2


of office space

We have worked for over


56 companies


in the last three years

We saved clients


CZK 341 million


on lease and expenses

Features clients

“Pavel Domalewski pracoval pro naši společnost hned 2x – nejprve nám pomáhal v roce 2018 nalézt přechodné prostory pro naši dynamickou firmu, a potom v roce 2019-2020 nás zastupoval při jednáních s pronajímateli a nalezení ca 5000 m2 kanceláří. S jeho službami jsme byli velice spokojeni."


Jiří Šafka, CFO

ProductBoard s.r.o.

“Domalewski Advisory sro selected shortlisted properties and represented us in negotiations with office landlords in Prague. Their task was to find suitable offices for our company and negotiate the best terms. We highly appreciated their thorough approach and trustworthiness. We are very happy with the process, recommendations and final result and are glad to recommend Domalewski Advisory sro ”


Miroslava Simova, Managing Director

Jan Becher Pernod Ricard

They said about us

“Děkuji Pavlovi za perfektní spolupráci při hledání nových kanceláří naší společnosti o rozloze 2 200 m2. Zejména bych rád ocenil jeho přístup a nasazení a dále musím zdůraznit velkou pomoc při jednání s pronajímatelem ohledně nájemních podmínek a dosažení vysokých úspor.”


Pavel Sláma, Operations Director

Edenred CZ s.r.o.

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