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Every square meter counts


We match you with the best possible location and most favorable conditions available on the market.

At the Office

Renegotiate existing leases to cut costs

To date, we have saved our clients CZK 248 million.

We renegotiate the terms of existing office, warehouse, or retail lease contracts. Reducing your costs to a minimum.

We know the intricacies of the local market and can proactively negotiate better conditions for you. In any given contract there are about 30 provisions that can be modified in your favor. It is not just about the lease cost or basic incentives anymore.

Moving to a new premise (lease / purchase)

We arrange the entire relocation process from start to finish. By taking on the stress and worries associated with the move we minimize the disruption to your work, freeing you to fully dedicate yourself to your core business:


  • Our extensive local network ensures that your ideal location is within reach

  • We are experienced in negotiating new lease agreements, as well as the direct purchase of corporate real estate

  • We can arrange the sale of your company's existing headquarters

  • We will find the ideal plot of land for you to build to suit

  • A comprehensive list of suitable properties is provided to each and every client

  • Design and organizational layout/plans for workplaces are available on demand

  • We provide interior design and assist in coordinating building modifications as a turnkey package, leaving you with a worry-free transition

  • We help organize the move

Expand or Reduce your footprint

We can help you with subletting, a reduction of your leased space or expansion.

We provide comprehensive guidance on the actual space you really need. This is especially helpful with the recent trend towards (partial) remote work as well as in terms of modern trends in workplace design and layout.

Interior design and workplace layout

Do you want your company to benefit from an efficient workplace layout and pleasant, inviting environment? Our experienced workplace consultants will listen to your needs, learn about your internal culture and suggest an optimal layout for the premises. These blueprints form the core of our customized design proposal.

Construction work

We are not a construction company, and we do not have the ambition to be one. For our clients we ensure that the implementation of the building modifications are performed after an impartial tender for specialized suppliers. By tendering the construction work we reduce the overall cost, while ensuring the quality delivered is top notch. Our clients can move in straight away, without having to deal with anything else.

Want to cut your costs by 1/3, or relocate to a better space?

Looking to improve your contractual conditions or just looking for a better location, need some advice or a new representative?

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